Are Red Cars Higher In Insurance

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Are Red Cars Higher In Insurance. The common belief that red cars cost more to insure is a myth. The type of car you drive — car, truck, convertible — and model vehicle is taken into account, but not the color of your car.

Are Red Cars Higher In Insurance
Are Drivers of Red Cars Really Subject to Higher Insurance from

When looking at car insurance, the market for vehicles can play a significant role. While rates are not directly affected by color, a red car might draw more attention to itself by a patrol officer, causing higher rates of tickets, which does affect insurance premiums. While insurance companies will consider a myriad of factors in rate calculations, color is not among them, as it truly has nothing to do with rates.

While It's Commonly Believed That The Color Of Your Car Affects Insurance Rates, Red Cars Don't Have Higher Rates Than Other Vehicles.

If you said red, then you should consider a job in the stats business! They say that red cars are the most likely to be involved in accidents or get speeding. Cars can change in price based on several factors, but nothing ranks higher than supply and demand.

If You Want A Red Car, Go Ahead And Get A Red Car.

According to an survey done a few years ago, 46 percent of 2,000 licensed drivers believed that red cars are more expensive to insure. If you own a red car, will you pay more for auto insurance? How custom paint jobs affect insurance rates

Do Red Cars Cost More To Insure?

So, is insurance more expensive for red cars? The reason that red doesn't result in a car insurance premium increase is a simple one: When you go for a quote, whether it's through geico , allstate or another large insurer, they will never ask you for your car's color.

Insurance Is Not Higher On Red Cars.

A study by found that 44 percent of americans think owning a red car increases insurance premiums. The newspaper’s research found that black cars were pulled over most often, along with white, gray, and silver automobiles, with red vehicles coming in fifth. Your auto insurance company does not consider the color of your vehicle when calculating your car insurance rates.

There's No Statistical Data That Indicates Red Cars Get Into More Accidents.

Though this is a widespread belief, it is 100 percent false. Insurance companies will likely not even ask the color of your car when they’re calculating your car insurance rates. Do red cars have higher auto insurance?

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