Can A Victim Talk To The District Attorney

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Can A Victim Talk To The District Attorney. Sutter county district attorney's check enforcement program, 463 second street, yuba city, ca 95991. The d.a.’s office will investigate and help you collect bad checks.

Can A Victim Talk To The District Attorney
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If you, the victim, wishes to have the charges dropped or dismissed, you should talk with the d.a., which it appears you have already done. In talking to the district attorney as a witness subject, when someone is arrested, they may or may not ultimately have charges filed against them. In our experience, few victims are told by the district attorney’s office that, under marsy’s law, victims are entitled to hire their own attorney to represent their interests in court.

In Talking To The District Attorney As A Witness Subject, When Someone Is Arrested, They May Or May Not Ultimately Have Charges Filed Against Them.

Hypothetically, a person accused of a crime can try to speak with the d.a., the district attorney’s office, and/or a deputy district attorney. To decide whether to dismiss the case. The district attorney cannot speak with you alone if they know you have legal representation.

You Will Want To Inform The Office Of:

The district attorney always wants to hear from the victim and always wants to know whether you will or will not be a friendly witness. If you are a victim of a sexual offense, then the defense investigator will not attempt further contact with you unless you initiate the contact. The d.a.’s office will investigate and help you collect bad checks.

However, The Final Decision Will Be Up To The.

Your address and phone numbers, and any changes. If you are a victim or a witness, the victim witness program of the united states attorney's office can help you understand the rights given to you by law. Some alleged criminals think they can negotiate a fair sentence with the d.a.

Of Course You Can Always Talk With The District Attorney.

It will be up to the d.a. The effect of this notice depends on the type of crime committed. More often than that, a criminal defense attorney can raise a legal problem with the case and get you a better deal.

If You, The Victim, Wishes To Have The Charges Dropped Or Dismissed, You Should Talk With The D.a., Which It Appears You Have Already Done.

Together, they represent the “parties” in the case. You can call the district attorney's office and ask to speak to a victim/witness advocate. Tell them you are trying to decide whether to file a criminal complaint and that you are not sure what to expect.

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