Does Being Married Lower Car Insurance

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Does Being Married Lower Car Insurance. Insurers typically consider married people to pose less risk, so premiums go down — provided both drivers are considered low risk to insure. Your place of residence influences your likelihood.

Does Being Married Lower Car Insurance
Could Being Married Increase the Size of Your Insurance from

Insurance companies love married couples because married people are more likely to settle down and drive like boring people. You may see your car insurance go down with age—particularly between ages 18 and 25—if your insurance company offers age discounts. Car insurance providers typically lower rates for people with good driving records.

Also, Married Couples Tend To Have Kids.

Married couples typically have lower insurance rates than single drivers. You thought that after getting married everything would be picture perfect, and it may be, except for your finances. And auto insurers place married people in a lower risk class, saving them money on car insurance.

There Are Two Other Factors Significantly Affecting.

Enter your zip code below to see how much you can save on insurance as a married couple. Contact your state farm agent to find out more ways you can possibly save money on your auto and homeowners insurance. Does being married get me better car insurance rates?

But All Hope Is Not Lost, Because There Is One Expense That May Actually Go Down Because You Got Married, Your Auto Insurance Premium.

Insurers love statistics, and data shows that married drivers get in. If you become divorced or widowed your automobile insurance reverts to a single premium resulting in a higher car insurance rate. Insurance companies always have profits and risks in mind, and they set rates based on real data.

Your Personal Relationship Status Does Have An Impact On What You Pay For Car Insurance.

Some companies view married people as being safer drivers in general. As you probably know, insurance companies base their rates on many factors, including your age, driving record, marital status and the type of car you own. If your daughter were in an accident, your insurer could say you concealed vital information about the vehicle’s location, deny your claim and cancel the policy.

In Addition To The Discounts, Less Risk May Translate To Lower Auto Insurance Rates For You.

This means auto insurance rates may be lower when you are married. Most auto insurance carriers offer a discount to married drivers. Compare the costs of both a combined policy and separate policies from a few insurers to determine.

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