Why Do Red Cars Have Higher Insurance

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Why Do Red Cars Have Higher Insurance. Do red cars get more tickets? Insurance companies take several factors into consideration:

Why Do Red Cars Have Higher Insurance
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The idea is that the color red attracts car thieves, i guess like hummingbirds. While insurance companies will consider a myriad of factors in rate calculations, color is not among them, as it truly has nothing to do with rates. We just think these colored cars are more dangerous and explosive and thus, get hit a lot more.

According To An Insure.com Survey, 46% Of 2,000 Licensed Drivers Believed That Red Cars Are More Expensive To Insure Because They're Pulled Over More Often.

Insurance companies consider several factors when setting a premium and vehicle type is one of those. When police pull someone over, the reason is typically the driver's behavior, not the vehicle itself. If you ask almost anyone what color automobiles get into the most crashes, they would probably reply with red.

We Just Think These Colored Cars Are More Dangerous And Explosive And Thus, Get Hit A Lot More.

Red car owners can relax; Here's what you need to know. We pulled insurance quotes from six major insurance companies and averaged the premiums, so you have an accurate estimate of what it costs to insure the car of.

While Red Does Tend To Be Associated With Less Of A Risk Of Accidents Than Black, Grey, And Silver Cars, Red Cars Have More Accidents Than Many Other Colors.

If you said red, then you should consider a job in the stats business! Unfortunately, a study by insurancequotes.com shows that 44% of americans think otherwise. This is because the cars’ market values are higher and therefore cost more to replace or repair.

This Misperception Might Be Credited To The Fact That Lots Of Sports Cars Are Red And Sports Cars Typically Command A Higher Insurance Premium.

The color of your car has less impact on your insurance rates than the type of paint used. But, according to the insurance information institute (iii), the color of the car you drive does not affect the price of auto insurance. New hampshire is the only state in which you are not legally required to have car insurance, as long as you can show proof of financial responsibility.

You May Have Heard Red Cars Are More Expensive To Insure.

Every year, insure.com compares car insurance rates in every state for approximately 3,000 different vehicle models to find both the cheapest and most expensive vehicles to insure. Insurance companies take several factors into consideration: ?why do red cars have higher insurance answer though it's not yet clear, the answer to why red cars are more expensive than other cars with similar mileage and performance is that they are much more likely to be involved in collisions.

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